How to Find the Job of Your Dreams

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How to Find the Job of Your Dreams that Will Enable You to Build a Career that You Can Enjoy the Rest of your Life While Developing a Professional Image to Meet Lifelong Goals and Help Others

Everyone wants to find a dream job that will feel more like fun than work. Although that is not always possible, we can sometimes build a career doing work that is meaningful and self-fulfilling. Not only can some jobs bring out the best in ourselves, but we can also learn to develop new skills and insights that can help others along the way. Here are some tips to help you find the kind of work that you will consider inspiring as you establish a career to optimize your skills and assets both personally and professionally.

Do What You Love

As much as possible, find work that you enjoy doing. As long as it pays enough to meet your financial needs, don’t worry about trying to get rich. The amount of time you enjoy spending at your job and with coworkers is more of a measure of employment satisfaction than the paychecks you earn. While income is important and provides a sense of self-worth, the day-to-day interactions on the job while doing work we enjoy is a more reliable source of satisfaction.

Earn the Credentials

Whatever it takes, put in the time and effort needed to get a job you truly want. You may need to go to college and earn a degree. Maybe you will have to volunteer for a period of time to learn the basic job functions before you land a full-time job. Maybe you will need to pass an exam and earn a license. Whatever the requirements to obtaining the job of your dreams, map out your route to success by planning the steps to take that will help you get the necessary credentials.

Gain Experience

Learn all you can about the type of work you want to do before applying for a certain type of job position. Possible ways of doing this include job shadowing someone in the industry or applying for a co-op position. You could also accept an entry-level position at a company where you would like to work, and in time, prove yourself as a valuable and competent employee so that you can be promoted into the job you really want in order to expand your skills and build your career.

Network with Experts

Join an online or local group of employees in the field you plan to enter and participate in discussions, social activities, and presentations to learn all you can. Becoming part of a professional group will help you learn to think, act, and dress like the employee you want to become. Ask questions, exchange ideas, and learn about future job openings as well as applicant requirements. Listening to anecdotes about others’ work experience will help you better prepare for the job you eventually want to get.

Find a Mentor

In your networking group, look for a mentor. This would be someone who can offer individual advice and make suggestions to help advance your career. A mentor can recommend resources like business organizations, books, videos, workshops, and training classes that can help to equip you for the career you are pursuing. Mentors can share their experience that might save you a few bumps along the way. They can sometimes point you to another leader in the community or online whose experience closely parallels the career path you are traveling. You may even decide to have more than one mentor, either consecutively or at the same time, as one or both may have specialized skills that will especially helpful.

Go the Extra Mile

Whether you are volunteering, beginning an entry-level position, or getting an education, be the best you can be in order to learn all you can. In addition, you will get noticed, and you may be able to obtain recommendations and referrals for a professional career position from those who have watched you grow along the way. Work extra hard when feasible to get a big job done on time. Maintain a pleasant disposition. Be willing to help others. Actions like these make a good and lasting impression.

Branch Out

As you begin to professionally develop for your dream job, be aware of other strengths and skills you may have along with interests that can also become part of your career tool kit. For example, in a medical career you might notice that you have an affinity with young mothers, and you may decide to specialize in that branch of medical practice. Whatever interests you may have, these, too, can play a role in helping you get the job that will make you happiest. You may also be able to use your new skills in your personal life by providing support to a young single mom or volunteering at a women’s shelter.

Give Back

In whatever career path you take, don’t forget to give back to others. Consciously or not, you are setting an example for those who will come after you, so make it a positive example. Offer friendly advice and encouragement if asked. Volunteer to help orient a new employee to the company. Sharing your expertise will make your professional development and job satisfaction even more enjoyable.

Since we spend about half of a typical 24-hour weekday at work, the job ought to be stimulating and fulfilling. Build a career doing work that you enjoy. Consider taking the steps outlined above and be willing to share what you learn with others to spread the wealth of career satisfaction.


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How to Find the Job of Your Dreams

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